Christmas Colours


I have often wondered why reds, greens and golds should be the seasonal colours that we all associate with Christmas. I came up with several memories of my own from childhood, because I believe that most of us think of our early years when reminiscing about the Season of Goodwill.


I have inherited several glass baubles which were always hung on the tree by my mother,at the appropriate time!), six days before Christmas (none of that November nonsense for me!). I can remember staring at the reflections in wonderment once the lights were switched on, which incidentally would have been a miracle in itself had they worked first time from one year to the next! It was a magical time for me, just like it is for every child.


The green Holly wreath with its red berries hung from the front door and, of course, there was always snow. At least that's how we like to remember the Christmases of our childhood.


The  colour gold is extensively used throughout the season, from gift wrap to precious jewellery items, chocolate coins and baubles which hang from the tree, perfume bottle lids and labels on presents. Could gold possibly be linked to the celebration of Christmas with the Three Wise Men bringing gifts of Gold, as well as Frankincense and Myrrh for the baby Jesus?


The other colours which stand out as being relevant to the Christmases which I remember are the evergreen colours, the most evocative hues being those of Green Tourmaline, and the green garnet known as 'Tsavorite'.


The berry red colours are similar to the various shades of Ruby and red Garnet, which I use in some of my designs.

The colour purple will always remind me of those wrappers which were carefully unwound from chocolate Brazil nuts, always saved for the crafting box and kept tidily for use later. This rich deep purple colour reminds me of Amethyst and the purple Sapphire.

The accepted birthstone for December is the Topaz. Most are familiar with the Blue Topaz, but the Imperial Topaz is a favourite of mine. The colours range from a light brown through to golden orange. A high quality, large gemstone of this variety is very sought after and can fetch a high price.


These are just a handful of seasonal colours of the gemstones I use, but perhaps everyone has a different recall for the colours of Christmas. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Whichever colours and stones remind you of happy Christmases past, or fill you with hope for Christmases yet to come, I hope your Christmas present is a merry one this year!