• October is here, and Christmas will soon be upon us.

    As a jewellery maker, this is the time when demand rises and the hard work begins.I do enjoy this time, however, knowing that your best work is goi...
  • The Latin word aquamarine simply means sea water

    As April's birthstone is Aquamarine, I thought I'd introduce a few of my designs with these gorgeous stones and show some variations in colour.
  • February Birthstone.

    Although quartz itself is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and makes up a good proportion of the sand on the beaches, the colour of amethyst is given by the addition of manganese and iron.

    The darker varieties are the most prized, and I'm able to obtain cut gemstones of this quality for my designs.

  • Colour trends for 2022

    One of the main emphasis I put on the designs in my collection is the choice of the colours I use, and the availability of those hues throughout the world of natural gemstones.
  • Christmas Colours

      I have often wondered why reds, greens and golds should be the seasonal colours that we all associate with Christmas. I came up with several memo...
  • Why blue is the colour of choice for many tension rings

    I often ask myself why blue is the colour of choice for many of my gemstone tension rings, and wonder what contributes to a person's subconscious influences in making these choices.
  • Sapphire, birthstone for September

    The origin the of birthstone is believed to have originated in the book of Exodus in the Bible. Aaron had 12 gemstones set into his breastplate ( a...