Colour trends for 2022

One of the main emphasis I put on the designs in my collection is the choice of the colours I use, and the availability of those hues throughout the world of natural gemstones.

The contrast between the chosen metals and jewels mounted in them is quite important to me. For instance, blue mixed with polished silver, and white diamonds set into satin finish silver are appealing to the eye in different ways. In high carat golds, the richness of a Ruby set against bright yellow 18 carat gold, or an emerald mounted in deep, rich 22 carat coloured gold will always be a pleasing combination.


When people mention 'this season's colour', or 'last seasons shades', it really is a standard which the fashion industry abides by, but it's not necessarily one which the jewellery industry can keep up to, mainly for the reason that most jewellery pieces purchased are to be a longer lasting item.

I'm sure we have all seen the trending colours from last year, the main ones being those of the bright yellow of handbags and raincoats.

It's no coincidence that these colours become the chosen default for the next season, as the catwalk artists and designers appear to be almost collaborating. Fashion houses then pick up on the zeitgeist, and there we have it.

The colour trends for 2022 have emerged in the same way to be a bluish purple/ violet known in the 'rag trade' as 'Very Peri'.These trends are noticed, monitored and named by the company PANTENE, the fashion colour gurus. 


Lucky for me, then, that variations of this colour are already in my gemstone pallette, in the form of the violet/blue Tanzanite! and contrasts beautifully with sterling silver. I'm able to make all my designs with this stone, and already mount my tension rings with this little treasure.

I predict these stones will become more popular this year.