February Birthstone.

Are you a February baby?

If so, then your birthstone is Amethyst.

This variety of quartz has colours ranging from a lilac shade to a deep purple, the latter being the colour chosen by world religions, the Roman and Greek rulers, and the Royal families of Europe.

It has historically been used as a charm or remedy to ward off drunkenness, and the name has its origins in the Greek language.

Although quartz itself is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and makes up a good proportion of the sand on the beaches, the colour of amethyst is given by the addition of manganese and iron.

The darker varieties are the most prized, and I'm able to obtain cut gemstones of this quality for my designs.

The sources used today are obtained from South America, in particular, Brazil, and the top- quality specimens are generally cut in Antwerp.

I have several designs which can accommodate the February Birthstone, and my classic tension ring is an ever-popular choice within my range.