The Latin word aquamarine simply means sea water

As April's birthstone is Aquamarine, I thought I'd introduce a few of my designs with these gorgeous stones and show some variations in colour.


The Latin word aquamarine simply means sea water, and has many superstitious associations ranging from defence during wars, and the protection of sailors at sea. It’s also long been associated with health, youth and vitality, and has traditionally been worn and carried as an anti-ageing protection, as well as something to help prevent and cure illnesses. It’s this association that has kept Aquamarine a favourite stone for just about all of recorded history, because who among us doesn’t want to stay young and healthy for as long as we can?

In more recent times Beryl became a symbol of good luck, because it was noticed that Beryl was often found near veins of Tin and Copper. Miners were overjoyed to find concentrations of Beryl in their pits, because it means that a rich lode was surely nearby.

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl group of gemstones and pure Beryl is white, while other famous Beryls include Emerald and Heliodor Depending on the different amounts of iron in its chemical composition, differing colours and colour intensities are created, with some stones appearing only slightly tinged while others are deeply blue, green or yellow.

Spreading from pale blue to dark, the most prized Aquamarine stones are a deep sea blue, and are therefore more expensive, so most of the gems on the market are in the middle of these ranges.

This delightful gemstone is a perfect addition to any summer outfit, and is a hard enough stone to be worn all year round.